Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello blog. Did you miss me?

Fun times, my getting a new tablet and trying to set a new Google password.  Jeez, used their recovery text msg option 1 too many times and got locked out until 17 September, fun times.

In the meantime, got a tube size increased on the catheter inserted through my abdomen into my bladder and now damn thing doesn't work.

That and a touch of pneumonia landed me in the hospital.  Plus my presence no longer desired at Carnegie Gardens/now doing business as Wave Crest Health and Rehabilitation am moving to Island Health and Rehablitation where will have to provide my own Television and receive little health care and no Rehabilitation.

Damn, have looked for a decade for somewhere in Central Florida that does Neuro Locomotor Training, which I read about but basically a fancy name for putting someone in a weight bearing sling and then manipulating their limbs walking on a treadmill.  That therapy leads to a host of possible positive things but no 2 people react the same way, and treatment not widely used in the States United of America, more widely used in Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

Damn, have I finally become a prisoner of Acronyms, land of capital letters and shallow characterizations, the most important in my life SCI for Spinal Cord Injuries?

Damn, after working all those years to recover and to work as a wage slave in America and achieve and maintain some degree of independence and now get stuck right back in a wheel chair and having to try to find a way back to independence.

Well, fuck it, back to the drawing board.

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