Friday, September 26, 2014

Washington, DC, Native Americans vs. NY Larger Sized Gentlemen

Channel surfiing actually as watching gladatorial game sickens me as purveyed by the Natural Fundamental Liars, portraying as sport men giving their bodies, their very life and limb to sell products for whatever huge companies buy the advertising time: Gatorade--screw Derek Jeter anyway, washed up pantload should have quit years ago.  God bless you suckers who bought scalped tick's to see "Jeets" ground out to short yet again for his last home game--sellers of high fructose corn syrups poisoning America as soft drinks, and the all important pushers of alcohol products, folks whose ads dupe us into believing drinking the right beer will bring us men a bevy of nubile young girls when the stark glare of reality shows alcohol consumption involved in many instances of domestic violence.

Crap, do you think the gladiatorial games of gore and yore had banner ads around the stadiums, "Drink Centurion, the manly lager to make yourself irresistible to the ladies!"?

Suspend Ray Rice?  Hell, they should make him poster boy for the NFL, drink bathtubs of alcohol and batter a female half your size to make you feel like a real man.

Also, ESPN suspends the man they made into an empire, Bill Simmons, for simply telling the truth about Roger Goodell; ye shall not bite the hand of those which made thee.  The supreme ESPN irony lies in the network claiming it has journalistic credibility.

The suits at ESPN wouldn't know journalistic credibility if it bit them in the ass, since they've supported the sycophantic circle jerk passing as journalism these days,

All this while the good ship NFL makes mountains of money while headed for the reefs of consumer apathy if not antipathy towards their product.  Disdain me, but I'm not the only one turning away.

Fie on thee, NFL and the minions, a pox on all your houses.

PS: Did the Washington DC Native Americans win?

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