Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stupid Crook News: "Famous" Jameis Winston

Hate to write about this, stupid, ignorant, impulsive, ill spoken kid, but just finally must.

Normally support athletes caught in the glare of the media spotlight 24 hours news machine and put under a microscope and glare none of us could survive.

Nevertheless, when a person accused of rape--helped out by a bungled investigation and lost cell phone video of the encounter, which the State University of Florida still has to investigate under Title 9 of of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which proscribes sexual violence on college campuses.  You may pull one over on a jock sniffing, bumbling, hick town police department, but you don't screw with the feds--jumps on a table in the freakin' student union and yells [freak] her right in the [slang word for female vagina starting with a "p" and ending "y,"] you should get arrested for sheer stupidity, if nothing else.

Screw him.  "Famous" Jameis my ass.  What a [slang word for male penis starting with "pr" and ending with a "k."]

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