Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ray Rice's Wife Blames Media for Her Husband Knocking Her Unconscious


For the love of god, can anyone ever admit a mistake and take responsibility for it?

Now comes the now wife of Baltimore Ravens woman beater blaming the media for taking away her now husband's livelihood.For goddess's sake, woman no one owes Mr. Rice a living.  As a public figure in a sponsor driven league, Mr. Rice had an obligation to observe a higher standard than common folk.

A higher standard, mind you not for the fans or all the little wife beaters of the future wearing a Ray Rice Raven jersey but for the unending rivers of money flowing from the companies buying 1 million dollar 30 second ads during the Super Bowl.

Bad press can kill the cash cow.

Meanwhile, back on planet earth:

At least, this sad incident of all too human behavior allows us to see various levels of hypocrisy: that of society which condones violence and allows to slake our bloodthirstiness within the confines of "sports:" of the NFL which failed to look for evidence that TMZ found; of the media which condemns and becomes judge and jury; of my male brethren who let cruel macho images colour their thinking; and ultimately my own hypocrisy for failing to live out the words which come out of my mouth and my watching this "sport."

Among the most hypocritical we find the words of the union chief of the National Football League Players Association, a man who makes his living off getting better working conditions for men killing themselves for entertainment of the masses: ["For our union, we have an unshakable position against any violence, certainly domestic violence included," NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said at the Seahawks' facility in Renton, Washington.]  emphasis added because, c'mon, "condones no violence," my ass, they surely as hell condone lots of violence of very large and fast men colliding violently with each other.

So yes, I don't think to cast the first stone but nevertheless must condemn the reprehensible action of Mr. Rice and hope he goes through counselling and soul searching, and the couple can work things out.

But he needs a year off from football.

Also quoted from Christine at her party of one: "Domestic violence is no joke. The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1−800−799−SAFE(7233)."

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