Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Ahead and Laugh at FL, Peninsular Appendage Of US of A

Go ahead and laugh at my home state;  Lord knows I do

One must laugh at insanity of FL RepubliKKKan elected leaders and, ultimately, intelligence of voters who keep sending them there.

18 years of RepubliKKKan governors and statehouse control drove the state into a financial ditch by cutting taxes year after year, billion after billion of dinero (Hey, it's FL; speak Spanish!) when actual adults who could understand as far back as 1998 Medicaid costs would skyrocket.

Our answer in FL?  Privatize every damn thing: hospitals, child care, prisons, privatize and do no studies to actually prove cost savings.

For as nice if rapacious touch, pay CEO's of these new companies salaries double the amount paid to the former civil service employees who actually knew what to do for after all privatized social services had to compete to get top notch administrators who in turn have little clue about the work they do...

[Unresponsive is also how Rose Rouse found Littlefield when she complained about the Human Development Center, a Hillsborough County group-home provider that specialized in housing developmentally disabled men accused of sex crimes.

A judge had sent Rouse’s developmentally disabled and incompetent son, Kevin Rouse, to the center in 2003 because Kevin had been accused of molesting children.

After Kevin arrived at a group home in Seffner, Rose Rouse learned of a policy that allowed the men there to have sex with each other during a practice they called “quiet time.”

Rose Rouse sent Littlefield a letter on July 17, 2008, telling him that the group home’s staff urged Kevin to develop a relationship with another resident. She told Littlefield that she wanted her son moved and that she did not consent to Kevin’s having sex with a roommate.

Littlefield did not respond. In 2008, Rose Rouse took her concerns to state Sen. Ronda Storms, R-Valrico, who called for an investigation that stopped “quiet time.”

Stories in the St. Petersburg Times reported that the group home matched up sexual partners and that at least one encounter occurred that its staff classified as rape.

At least one other person — Eileen Taylor, a St. Petersburg nurse who worked as a medical case manager under Littlefield — had raised concerns about “quiet time.” But Littlefield fired her in November 2008. The Florida Commission on Human Relations later determined that she was a true “whistle blower” who had been retaliated against.

In March 2009, an internal management review found employees in Littlefield’s offices complaining about favoritism in hiring and treatment, confusing reorganizations, a medical case-management program in disarray and a licensing program lacking staff and technology.]  emphasis added

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