Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Who: "You are Forgiven"

OK, quoted lines rather than song title but fave part starts 'bout 6: minutes into it.

Pete, googled all contact info could find but just want to interview you.

How does one survive after writing Tommy, second in rock opera only to Quadraphrenia?

Maybe just writing day by day and trying to wake up and make my little corner of the world better?

Sure, reads like small thought to y'all but I've never spawned.  Truly drive myself crazy finding the right adjective--too ironic, sarcastic, must eschew profanity now for the sake of my nieces as they've yet to hear those words--so never could I imagines raising myself to adulthood absent infanticide.


PS: Have a great life house script with clones, except Keith, sorry, and stealing Star Wars bar scene and search for Robert Johnson's lost song archetypes.

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