Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lord, They Want ME as Motivational Speaker

Cue the rolling. laughing in way far off thunder.

No, really!  They want me to talk talk to some depressed dude named Elliot.

Whom be they?

Donnie, Davey Boy, Mikey.

Fender or Les Paul Mikey, Jesus asked knowing full well which played which but He has some fun with me?

Pony tailed Mikey.

They seriously asked you?

Yes, but they want the usual grateful cripple crap from me, happy to stay alive and God has a purpose for everything.  Does He?

You'll have to ask Him that; I take care of the forgiveness department.  What would you tell Elliot?

Buck up and front down, Boyo.!

Thanks for self editing for your nieces but you stole that from Elka on Hot in Cleveland.

Yes, but that makes humour before truth.

Go on, Dan.

Then comes the more obvious stuff like did you wake up this morning, did you eat, can you go to the tap in the sink in your kitchen and get a glass of water and not have a cholera care?  What do you think, could that help Elliot?

If said in love, maybe.  But what makes you mad about this?

Folk just assume cripples should count crumbs as crowns, bestowed by their favor when if I looked like a homeless human they'd walk away or step over me like as a Pharisee instead of Samaritan.

Now you steal my parable.  I don't judge so you ought not presume to.

Oops, my bad.

Does this come down to the old lady you might have threatened to jackslap into next week at Publix?

Maybe, but she 'bout broke my pinky wresting the 18 pack of Ice House from my hand.

Do tell.

OK, truthfully, her words hurt more, "Everyone else likes me.  Maybe you should try some sugar."

Oh, Me, drat, she really cussed you.

OK, but it aggravates me people want a lucky rabbit foot like a happy cripple.

This surprises you?  You've gone to bars since age 16 and seen how near every place has a token geek or several.  You started drinking illegally and thought it would never become thee but when it did you railed and struggled and tried to love for decades,  Don't you think that enough for the legacy of 1 man rather than teach every other human how they ought to treat you because it does change over the course of any human life.

OK, 'nuff said.

Besides, you've prayed for a chance to make your corner of the world better.  Take a chance and speak in love.

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