Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Journalist's Code of Ethics

Appropriately, will just plagiarize that of Paul Carr, albeit with full attribution.

[As a Brit, this concept is obviously very new to me – like sprayable cheese and light beer. And, like sprayable cheese and light beer, there’s something about the phrase ‘journalistic ethics’ that sounds hideously oxymoronic to my ear.
But when in Rome, right? And so to assist my transition from cheap Brit hack to proper American journalist I’ve decided it’s about time I published my own Ethics Statement. I hope it clears up any misconceptions you might have.
Principle One: I am a whore.
Look at the cover of my book. See the word Whore? It’s in red. That’s because I am a whore; a hussy; a slut-for-hire; a man of scarlet letters. I write newspaper columns because people pay me to do so. I write books for the same reason. The more I get paid, the better I write – which is just one of the reasons this blog is so shit. I’ll let others kill themselves in search of the truth – they can tell me all about it over dinner and Champagne later; my treat.]

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