Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taleban Dan Takes the Heat

Nice to see CNN shows no bias in reporting.

Nope, nosiree, those teabagging partiers last year arrived on American shores like Venus from the sea, gen-u-ine pariots, not astroturfed by Dick Armey's Freedomworks or Koch brothers supported groups.

But those mean people shouting at the nice Congressman with his spiffy charts?  That had to be them damn libruls.  How dare they organize?

How dare organizations like MoveOn dare, you know, organize voters from Taleban Dan's own district, FL-08?

Note to CNN and the Orlando Sentinel, have you seen the news in the last several months?  People use social media like MoveOn email lists to bring together like minded progressives to advocate for change to benefit more than the top tax brackets..

The great rightwing Kochtopus, interpreting low turnout midterm elections as mandate to ram through their extreme agenda.

You in the media had better recognize people who voted for jobs, jobs, jobs have now realized they get shit, shit, shit on by RepubliKKKans.

[Washington (CNN) – House Republicans back home for congressional recess have been getting some tough questions about plans to overhaul Medicare, but GOP freshman Daniel Webster's town hall meeting in Orlando, Florida, Tuesday was beyond tough - it turned into a chaotic scene.

Webster used charts and graphs to try to explain the controversial House GOP budget he voted for, but he could barely be heard over angry yelling - mostly about the Medicare proposal.
As one man held a sign saying "keep your hands off my Medicare," another woman screamed that the congressman voted to give corporations a tax cut "but take away Medicare for people like me."
Webster tried to explain that the GOP plan - which would create new private accounts for seniors to choose from - would not kick in for some 10 years, and not affect anyone age 55 or older. But it was hard to get his message across over the cacophony of loud voices in the audience.
Another man asked if Webster was voting to "privatize Medicare and cut VA benefits," and accused Webster of giving away "all these tax cuts."
Before Webster could answer, there was more yelling.
Some in the crowd came to Webster's defense, chanting, "Let him talk, let him talk!"
It was hard to determine how much of the anger was genuine, and how much was ginned up by Democrats who are making it their mission during this two-week congressional recess to attack Republicans on Medicare. In fact, CNN covered this town hall after Democrats put in on a list of Republican events they planned to target.
Some in attendance told CNN they were everyday, average citizens, but others appeared to be organized by liberal groups. The Orlando Sentinel reported that some of the angry audience members included those with the left-leaning] emphasis added

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