Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back to Regularly Scheduled Outrage: Cutting Taxes LOWERS Revenue

Which of course sounds fine if you can helicopter from your Malibu beach house to where you park your private plane so you can jet off on your Presidential campaign, not having to ride on the crumbling streets of America or even deign to think about disintegrating infrastructure.

Let the peons worry about that

[The often and well debunked MYTH [EconoFact] that lower rates of taxation will generate the revenues necessary to provide essential government services simply doesn’t work in the real world in which there are pot holes in asphalt, 30 kids in a kindergarten class, not enough health inspectors to cover the number of restaurants in a single year, not enough deputies to keep trucks from speeding through small towns, aging fire fighting equipment, and what might generously be called “antique” drinking water delivery systems.]

We know how to end this depression: put people to work fixing failing bridges, aged aqueducts,  roads, and highways.

Most people define a job by whether they get a weekly paycheck, not by who signs it.  People take their pay and buy products from merchants who then hire more people while manufacturers build more and also hire.

It ain't even rocket science, people.

But RepubliKKKans want to tank the economy and then credit themselves for turning it around after the election.

Hope to John Maynard Keyenes we don't fall into a full blown recession.  Then, we all get fucked.

Except of course helicopter flying elites

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