Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Bloggess Found Jesus




Wish I  could copy/steal an image, but can't so you'll have to go there:

Just go read her.  You'll laugh; I promise, or at least you'll feel mild cognitive dissonance.  Copy of her first cartoon ever, which also made me laugh, albeit with a rueful chuckle as my whole empire of dirt just about doing something--anything, no matter how wretched or literary deranged--before taking my long dirtnap.

[Does it count as “writing a comic strip” if I made up my own captions over free clip art? Because it should.]

She writes as one certifiably crazy: the good crazy like buying a life size Tardis to go with the 5' metal chicken she bought and named Beyonce, not the bad gnaw your face off crazy.

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