Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Winning" in Afghanistan: Country now supplies 70% of opium in the world

Every time you see Leon Paneta on TV or read him quoted about "winning" in Afghanistan, mentally impose the coke addled visage of Charlie Sheen saying "Winning!" as his career went down in flames.

The fantasy of the current Masters of War--that Afghanistan will magically turn into a western style democracy insulated from tribal warfare and without vestiges of the Taliban--they delude themselves with fantasies more unlikely than any drug fueled hallucination.

The Pashtun tribes still have not recognized the artificial border.

Just indiscriminately blowing people up, whether in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Yemen, with drone strikes and will only create more people bent--with reason--on revenge who we will then call terrorists.

[Afghanistan used to dominate the opium production market until the Taliban banned it. 

But over the course of the war in Afghanistan, opium production has steadily increased in that region. 

Afghanistan is now responsible for 76 percent of the world's opium supply. 

WFTV will update this story as it develops.]

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