Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mrs. Willard Romney, millionaire owner of dressage horses

Well crap, there goes my mood.  Had intended on working on happiness this Sunday, only posting light hearted fare, a little rock, a little role, maybe even some blues.  

Then a quick couple of links brought me to this story about this Koch slurping whore and her million dollar freaking horse going to the mother freaking Olympics. 

WTF is dressage any way?  Oh, should have guessed, dressage exists as outmoded vestige of feudal traditions now clung to by rich elites to prove they are better than the hoi poloi.

Willard and Ann, sitting in a tree, crapping money out their asses and wanting me to be freakin' beleieve they have any clue whatsoever what commoners like me feel or live like.

Freaking Goddess of Irony, save me from these twits!

Mittens, you wanna get real?  Meet me at my local and I'll buy you a couple PBR tall boys, buddy.  Have you ever even drank beer from a can?

[As Ann Romney immersed herself in the elite world of riding over the last dozen years, she relied on Jan Ebeling as a trusted tutor and horse scout. In her, he found a deep-pocketed patron.

A German-born trainer and top-ranked equestrian, Mr. Ebeling was at ease with the wealthy women drawn to the sport of dressage, in which horses costing up to seven figures execute pirouettes and other dancelike moves for riders wearing tails and top hats.

A taskmaster, Mr. Ebeling pushed Mrs. Romney to excel in high-level amateur shows. He escorted her on horse-buying expeditions to Europe. She shares ownership of the Oldenburg mare he dreams of riding in the Olympic Games this summer. Mrs. Romney and her husband, Mitt, even floated a loan — $250,000 to $500,000, according to financial records — to Mr. Ebeling and his wife for the horse farm they run in California, where the Romneys use a Mediterranean-style guesthouse as a getaway...

Protective of their privacy, they may also have been wary of the kind of fallout that came after Mr. Romney’s mention of the “couple of Cadillacs” his wife owned and the disclosure of plans for a car elevator in the family’s $9 million beach house in California, which prompted criticism that Mr. Romney was out of touch with average Americans.]

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