Friday, June 15, 2012

Call MI Majority Leader and Say Vagina

You have got to read the whole transcript of the phone call.  Funny!

[After offending Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas by using the offensively medically accurate word “vagina” in an impassioned floor speech opposing Michigan’s draconian new abortion law, State Representative Lisa Brown was banned indefinitely from speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives. Her colleague Barb Byrum, another passionate pro-choice elected official, was also served with an indefinite Shut The Fuck Up order from the the male-lead body. Apparently, during Michigan’s War on Women, ladies aren’t even allowed to serve in combat...

Jim Stamas Majority Floor Leader, and the call is toll-free: (800) 626-8887]

hat tip Suburban Guerrilla:

Even British pofftahs laughing at Michigan: "Two female US politicians were banned from addressing the Michigan house of representatives after one used the word "vagina" and the other tried to argue for regulating vasectomies during a debate over a controversial anti-abortion bill."

RepubliKKKans have no War on Women, just their vaginas.

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