Monday, June 18, 2012

Dumb and Dumberer: Bristol Palin refuses to rule out running for office

Please, gods of irony, let it become so.  Please let her become President of the United States of Accumulation so she can fill her cabinet with Kardashians.

That would bring the relatively same amount off substance as a Willard Romney presidency with policy written by the evil Karl Rove and his Satanic minions: the American Legislative Exchange Commission and the Cock brothers; eat the poor, in other words.

Before, however, dismissing Miss Palin's qualifications for office, let's take a look at them: politically connected family, yes in through the looking glass world of America politics today where even a bad "B" movie actor can get elected president and remain revered by a generation of RepubliKKKan idjuts who have less than zero clue about policies Ronnie Raygunz actually pursued, Bristol's mama served a half term as governor of Alaska and her daddy some sort of dominionist nut.

That last bit alone qualifies her for nomination by right wing RepubliKKKans.

Bristol now has a reality TV show, Life's a Tripp, which one guesses makes her "credible" as a candidate for elected office in this age of instant celebrity.

Before that, she got knocked up by not using contraception while having sex and, through some vast joke of a mysterious cosmos that sometimes promotes irony along with enforcing entropy, became a spokesman on preventing pregnancy among teenage girls.

"After Bristol Palin became a single mother at age 18, she began to publicly advocate teenage pregnancy prevention, and is now a paid speaker on the subject of teen pregnancy." 

[But let's try to forget that she's the daughter of the former GOP vice presidential candidate and consider "Life's a Tripp" purely as a TV show: On that basis, well, the series, premiering Tuesday, is not very interesting, and you probably wouldn't watch if she wasn't who she is.

So who, exactly, is she? Bristol is a fairly pleasant young woman who gets to live in a Los Angeles mansion while working for a local children's charity and is particularly concerned that her younger sister, Willow, stick around L.A. because someone has to look after Tripp, the 3-year-old son of Bristol and Levi Johnston.

To be fair, she's just staying in the mansion, belonging to "friends of my parents," while she looks for her own apartment, but Bristol's experiences trying to make it on her own in Los Angeles clearly don't reflect what most 21-year-old single moms would face relocating from Wasilla, Alaska, to the City of Angels.] 
emphasis added because facts make me gag.  Yes, the progeny of those painted by themselves as just common American LIVES IN A FREAKIN' MANSION IN LA!  Yup, just plain folks.

So of course it makes sense to her, with her lifetime of of conservative privilege, that she has the qualifications and experience to run for office; after all, you only need a public relations machine, catchphrase, and a gullible and illiterate public to join the ranks of political icons; actual policies be damned.

[She's famous for being a single mom, a jilted ex-girlfriend and a dancing show star, but Bristol is also a Palin. That means she gets invites to Fox News and Sean Hannity is curious about her future.

On Thursday night Palin told Hannity on his show that she would not rule out the possibility of running for office, although she felt it was too soon to make a major decision about it one way or another the Huffington Post reported.
'I don't think I'd shut it completely yet,' she said, referring to a door into a political career. 'I'm only 21, but not any time soon.']

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