Sunday, June 3, 2012

RepubliKKKans Hate Obama: Deliberately trying to tank the economy

And Martin Bashir calls them on it.  When will the so called liberal media wake up and tell the truth?  Don't hold your breathe.

[Even when an independent analytics firm like Moody's estimates that the American Jobs Act would create about 2 Million new jobs, and raise GDP by a full 2 percentage points-- Mr Cantor prefers his own form of leadership, which is designed to crush Job Creation.

And Mr Cantor's approach has been shared by another 'Leader' in Job Crushing -- the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, a man who also made his monthly appearance today.


I can tell you the Speaker [...] is also too much of a coward to owe up to his all-important role in ensuring that the Economic Recovery of America is as fragile as it it today.

So well done Mr Cantor and Mr Boehner, Congratulations! You always wanted to undermine the President -- but what you've done, is undermine the country.]


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