Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recession Hurts the Poor More

Pity the Billionaire in a recession only able to afford a few Escalades to go in the ocean front home so big it needs a car elevator and angers neighbors because of excessive size

At least, Mitt, cut your own lawn to look like a common man like Jr. did when pretending to run for President--thanks President Cheney--and cutting all that brush on his manly man's ranch, "No bidets for you, Laura, this is a man's ranch!"

Children go hungry in this country every day, RepubliKKKans, and bloodsucking Paul Ryan's budget takes money from the needy.

[Florida’s tough economy has proved even more challenging for those living on the state’s financial fringes, with poverty, infant mortality and an unmet need for mental health care on the rise, a new report shows.

A study called The Well Being of Florida’s Children — Is Our Future at Risk? shows the poverty rate among Florida’s children has climbed 35 percent between 2006 and 2010, resulting in 1.8 million kids living in low-income households. The state’s rate of low birth-weight infants also is worse than the national average, with 10 percent of Florida children having developmental or behavorial problems.

The number of homeless students in Florida has almost doubled since 2006 and the rate of food insecurity among Florida’s children is worse than the national average, the study found.]

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