Friday, June 15, 2012

Converting to Old Testament Fundamentalism

Go ahead and count me as to have to join the conservative fundamentalists in renewing my commitment towards living according to the Old Testament, starting by refusing to pay interests on debt

Well in truth, keeping living with my inability to pay any debts, but I digress.  

Rest should prove easy.  Got most the the "shall nots" down and working on "shalls."

No lying. Well only lie to myself so check.

This also entails not eating dairy products and meat at same meal and think I could schedule that.  

The no pork will prove pretty hard but doable: even dreaming of panoply of pork products to tempt me: BBQ ribs, brisket, bacon, pancetta, bacon ice cream, etc.  If falling to temptation, can always forgive myself by playing the Jesus card.

Of course, this starts after finishing the 3 pork loin segments in my freezer.  (Got whole loin for $1.99 per lbs and think nice honey mustard glaze will work well.  3 Tbs honey, 3 Tbs mustard, 1 1/2 Tbs red wine vinegar)

No oysters or shellfish.  Check  Wait, do lobsters and shrimps count as shellfish?  They have exoskeletons so do they count?

Plus, count me onboard with the Lord when He told the Israelites to slaughter Amalekites. Got some pretty sketchy neighbors and nice to have Biblical Old Test authority--plus Stand Your Ground Law in FL--to shoot the crap out of 'em if necessary..

Eye for an eye and a couple rounds for walking on my lawn.

Plus the OT says use of all flowerings plants allowed, so bumba lotsa ganja.

Yes, find that all doable and eminently reasonable. In fact, seems like a great deal to me, one humans have pursued throughout history.

Which proves the Jesus of the Gospels the real revolutionary.

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