Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bah, Humbug!

Face it, the modern American Christmas of orgiastic spending and Black Friday riots simply sucks the big one.

Take away Food Network dishes you'll never make much less sit down to the Norman Rockwell family table; take away the browsing for gifts you'll never afford for yourself much less your family, unless you live as part of the 1% spitting down on me from your Park Av, NYC, terraces and then fuck you; take away extended unemployment benefits THREE days after Christmas, damn youse Republican'ts; take away my family where my youngest sister actively hates me and her sons, worse still, ignore me; take away my friends who would always stay around and they gone; geld is weg, madel es weg, alles es weg, o du lieber Augustin; take away Sea Pines Rehab hospital which my insurance copany won't let me return to because I've made too damn much progress even though can't dress myself much less walk; take away rhe mark I meant to leave on the world 'cause--ha, ha, ho, ho--after struggling to walk for 33 years after a broken neck ain't left nuthin' but piss and shit stains in Orlando; take away the Christians who only make it to church on Christmas Eve and ostentatiously give a dollar to a homeless dude--fuck you, Norman Rockwell--take away that Christmas flick with Ji-Ji-Jimmy Stewart 'cause, dude, you did waste your life, well except that hottie wife while I'll never get a kiss much less much of a life; take away all that and all you gots left is What Would Jesus Buy?

So to make my Scrooge Ass Self happy, I'm a gonna post rock Christmas songs--the sicker the better--to make myself feel better.

So there!

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