Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dolphins Improbable Comeback

While abhoring cliches, maybe adversity can bring a locker room together?

Still offensive line stinks, but as 50 year fan a 1 and done playoff run will make me happy as expected worse from season.  Dolphins let left tackle go and tried to force fit Johnathan Martin to that side when I had seen him just rag dolled on right side--in between Jaguars games NFL forced me to watch in Orlando--another fine move by Jeff Ireland, witness trade for Bryant McKinnie..

Found disturbing allegation someone on Dolphins staff wanted Martin toughened up as reminded me of them bringing Kevin Gogan in to toughen up and bring some nasty to Dolphins O Line.  Didn't work.

Did Mike Golic vs. Gogan fight occur during that time?  Mr Golic entertains greatly on M and M, even if he always play bullies Greenie.

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