Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Call Me Gator Blues

Newspapers report a FL Gators defensive lineman faces charges for hitting a former AL player after the game this past Saturday.

Wags amongst us might observe that made only Dominique Easley's second hit of the night. The first came in 3rd quarter of the game when he made a tackle in the offensive backfield and celebrated as if he'd just won the Super Bowl, disconcerting in that his team well on the way to a rout and he'd spent most of the game five yards back in defensive backfield, mostly trying to grab a shoelace of an AL running back as they left cleat marks on his chest.

Also, you'd think a left guard who followed offensive genius Charley Weiss to UF from Notre Dame, a redshirt senior, would have learned how to hold an opponent rather than give up a sack and get the QB hurt. Giving up 10 yards will always prove better than getting your QB concussed or knocked out of the game, and almost get his leg broken.

Also, an astute observer of football might question trying to block stud AL linebacker, Courtney Upshaw, on a blitz with just a tight end.

Did not work well, leading to a crucial sack.

Then seeing Offensive Buddha, Charlie Weiss, sitting on the bench in 3rd and 4th quarters with his arms folded across his belly and just as mute as any big bellied Buddha statue even with his QB sitting right next to him.

In interviews with the Big Buddha after the game, he said the injury to QB John Brantley destroyed the Gator gameplan.

Charlie, don't you get paid the big bucks to coach, especially during a game when time for adjustments come?

My eyes have seen coaches on sidelines with headphones talking to coaches in press box trying to figure out something--any blasted thing--that works on offense. Pro teams even take pictures of
coverages to coach DURING the game. Does anyone on the Gator staff even have a clipboard and Sharpie to draw up adjustments during a game?

Oh well, gators and this Gator fan have tiny little brains, no fear of humans, and iffen you ain't made boots from our hides, we might get you next time.

Beat GA!

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