Thursday, October 13, 2011

Important Viking Town Found

[A tiny County Louth village has been confirmed as home to one of the most important Viking sites in the world.

Carbon testing on trenches at a ‘virgin’ site in Annagassan have revealed that the small rural community once housed a Viking winter base, one of only two in Ireland.

The other went on to become Dublin but the Annagassan site, 50 miles north of the capital, was believed to be the stuff of mythology and folklore until now.]

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Ole Phat Stu said...

There are Viking graves on the Isle of man, e.g. at Ballapoole, which has a longboat grave from about 850AD. In Laxey graveyard there are runic stones bearing runic inscriptions like "Here lies Eric , son of Thor, who built the boat that brought us here" (My translation, I've forgotten the exact names).

Isle of Man is just a short trip across the Irish sea from Ireland.