Monday, October 17, 2011

Please Forgive Me, Lord; but the Rise of the Machine in Public Education Makes Me Angry.

"You know I try to keep my politics from judging people, to refrain from profanity until my youngest niece, Elise,  turns 18, and try to write satire instead of sarcasm.  Heck, I even try to avoid first AND third person posting constructs."


"Hate to bag on people, too.  Your Dad made everyone so all have spark of humanity.  Really try not to hate."


"You know me as a curmudgeon, loving humanity but people really piss me off, especially when Your relentless Samaritans want to help."


"Nevertheless, I really hate JEB! Bush, gutting the intangibles tax in FL, his sanctimonious pursuit of education reform which benefits his corporate cronies, pretty much his whole dang family save for his idiot ex-figurehead brother.

Why do You continue to suffer on earth the continued pestilence of President Dick Cheney breathing Your air?

Just asking."

You know We cannot discuss other people.

"Surely.  Even so, You have to admit robbing money from public schools to put high school youth in a class rooms using computers with no teachers in the room amounts to a crime against the commonweal.?"

You know I am all about the children.

"Sure, but can't You call down fire and brimstone on the people I see as sinners?"

Do others see you as a sinner?


But we ain't talking about your daddy.  Do not fall back on facile excuses.

"Yes, find it hard to move beyond the rage at how things be to writing without profanity, sarcasm, and hard to find irony  all the time."

Keep writing.  You use this as free therapy.

"My Medicare Advantage has a counselling component."

And you avoid it why?

"Just trying to work things out with You, Supreme Dude.  Can't You promise me a better world?"

No promises.

Only possibility and responsibility.

"Not sure I like those choices."

What else you got?.

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