Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kick Off Next

Update: Inconceivable!

Oh but of course did actually conceive the Awlphins would lose before game even started.

Nevertheless, even my abysmally low expectations fell far short of the depth to which my professional American football team has sunk.

The Miami Broncos barely beat the Dead Mullet with a historic collapse by the rotting Flippers and by a field goal in overtime.

I could not watch the OT, having already conceived of another appalling, agonizing loss and averted my gaze.


That sound you just heard came from another football bouncing off the hands of another Malodorous Mackerel "receiver."

Great Lombardi's ghost, has the World Series game tonight ended or can one still see Albert Pujols taking batting practice?  3 bleeping homers on Saturday.  Bleep him.  Plunk him in the butt every time he gets to the plate.

Sheesh, 'tain't rocket science.

Weird day in American football; Denver seems playing a home game in Miami, and Tampa Bay has home game  in London.

For the Dolphins, my hopes stay high and expectations low.

For explanation, see embedded in Herald story quoted below video of Dolphin receiver, Brandon Marshall, tackled by rotation of the earth.  Great Jumpin; Jehosaphats Ghost.

[They dropped passes — including Brandon Marshall’s fifth dropped touchdown of the season. They missed wide receivers that were open for first downs and touchdowns. They threw interceptions that went 100 yards for scores in the other direction.

They fell out of bounds, apparently tackled by gravity, when all that was before them was an open field and an apparent touchdown in the offing.]

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