Saturday, October 22, 2011

Norma and Gordon Make Me Puke

Don't get me wrong, the notion of a marriage of a genetic female and male lasting for tens of decades seems really sweet to me.  My own parents made 50 years before Moms passed and know at least of half a dozen couples still happily married after over 2 decades.

From rest of my reckoning, do know more pairs of humans trying to get by together and doing well as most do by mostly getting along, sometimes wanting to drive an iron spike through the other's eye, other times sticking metaphorical ice pick through own ear to avoid the other's incessant chatter about their mother without reply interjecting, "Give it a break..  My mom never got me a pony either."

Minding my misbegotten, misshapen, malcontent miscreant manner, really can only try to hope for that last category of accommodation, where if you don't slit your partner's throat at night you can wake with a faded conscience and try to become a good person and partner for that next day.

Say what you will, my sight's set high.

Ain't that all we can hope with one partner through combination of genetic roulette played by the universe and risk factors dying early and 't'other gets a little nest egg to enjoy after proper mourning?

The natural order of things.

[For one Iowa couple, true love lasted until the very end.

Married 72 years, Norma, 90, and Gordon Yeager, 94, died in the hospital holding hands last week, one hour apart.

The couple was hospitalized after a car accident just outside of Marshalltown, Iowa. They were given a shared room in the ICU where they held hands in adjacent beds.

At 3:38 pm last Wednesday, Gordon's breathing stopped. Though he was no longer alive, his heart monitor continued to register a beat.

The nurse told Gordon and Norma's son, Dennis Yeager, that the monitor was beeping "because they're holding hands, and [Norma's heart beat] is going through them," Dennis recalled in an interview with Des Moines' KCCI news station. "Her heart was beating through him."

Norma died at 4:38 pm, exactly one hour later.]

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California Girl said...

I love this story. Read it yesterday in HuffPost and cried. I mean, how touching is that?