Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update for Why Occupy Wall Street

Why Occupy Wall Street.

Found this link to Securities and Exchange Commission form 8-K filed by the Hewlett Packard Corp. detailing the compensation for the failed and essentially fired Chief Executive Officer Leo Apotheker.

For years, this humble ant working with high hopes to knock over that rubber tree felt scared of writing satire.

From whence would inspiration and material spring?

Dang, dudes, it leaps off the printed newspaper page, TV and 'net news, so much so some times the tide of outrage threatens to drown my sense of humour and love of the British language.

To paraphrase the bard, Bruce (Local Hero), sometimes find it hard to tell my satire from my desperation.

Yet you almost have to chuckle at the idiocy and irony implicit in RepubliKKKans defending Apotheker, the schlub, cretinous cancer of the commonweal, this morally bankrupt businessman, poltroon and punk, protecting his stock options with preferential tax treatment of capital gains.

In addition to a severance payment of $7.2 MILLION and stock options paid under the contract between Leo and H-P, we find several goodies worh more MILLIONS, including this gem: "In addition, the Separation Agreement provides Mr. Apotheker will receive the following benefits not specifically provided for under the Employment Agreement:

An annual bonus of $2.4 million under the Hewlett-Packard Company 2005 Pay-for-Results Plan (the “PfR Plan”), reflecting his nearly 11 months of service with HP, payable at the time that payouts are made to other executives of HP for the fiscal year ending October 31, 2011..."
empasis added.

Hey, the guy showed up for work for some time for 11 months, so let's give him a boatload of bucks that we don't even HAVE TO PAY HIM!

Where do I get a deal like that?

Surely do not begrudge any human their dollars but strongly suspect he feels no qualms about cash for failure and feels entitled to opulent wealth as blessed by Tea Party Jesus.

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and Congress wonders why people are so friggin' angry.