Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to become anthropologists.

Idiot occupier of the office of governor of my Florida, Governor 48.9%, declared universities should dispense with useless degrees like anthropology.

Of course since anthropology concerns humans, human relations, and thus ethics, Medicare cheating scumbag 48.9% wants students to learn to have no moral compass other than his right wing greed driven Gospel denying crony capitalism.

Golly, Rick, you give teabagging a bad name.

[My eternal thanks go to Florida Governor Rick Scott, without whom I would never have known that the 0.8% of Florida state university system graduates who major in anthropology1 comprise the major obstacle to state advancements in STEM. I always thought it had something to do with declining state support for higher ed, low requirements for science lab courses in high school, the large numbers of students who think they can be doctors without being ready to pass calculus or organic chem, the specific degree bottlenecks of individual campuses, the growth of non-liberal-arts professional programs, the worship of college athletics, and other factors. I now see the light: it’s anthropology.

In response to the governor, my colleague Brent Weisman (the chair of USF’s Anthropology department) and others are engaging in a set of scurrilous attacks on our good governor. Weisman and others have the gall to point out that the four fields of anthropology include such subjects as linguistics and medicine, that anthropology graduates work in a broad variety of jobs, and that Florida’s anthropologists have won millions in grants from federal science agencies.]

University of South FL anthropology students respond to Governor Montgomery Burns.

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