Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Great Mencken's Ghost!: George Will wrote something sane?

Of course, even a semi sane column from George Will contains his required daily intake of idiocy.

Taking bold items below: First, Supreme Philosopher Will writes that mankind acts as rational economic calculating, creatures while simultaneously insinuating altruism provides no positive incentive to suffer a short term loss for gain of generations of NBA players to come.

Second bold item, Will restates his premise which either he has already disproved OR indeed wrote because Will in his soul can conceive of no possible economic rational for altruism. Either he writes lacking logic and so a mere fool, OR George has no compassion for humans in his soul and thus a pathological liar to himself and his readers.

Let's do the cocktail napkin math for last bold Will passage: 22 teams losing on average a bit than $20 million a piece, a sizable sum surely but as recent divorce papers in owners' of LA Dodgers show, losses can include multi million salaries for owners, plus millions in more amenities, that add to what they claim as losses.

Plus, owners use accounting trick--invented By Bill, Veeck--As In Wreck: The Autobiography of Bill Veeck, blessed be his name for inventing modern professional sports thereby--whereby owners' depreciate the salaries paid to players just as they would depreciate a factory if indeed plutocrats still built factories in A-Merry-Ca.

Then comes the case of impoverished banker, Robert Sarver, who overpaid for for the Phoenix Suns and now whines to members of the NBA Players Union that his Suns highly leveraged purchase did not turn out the cash cow he'd hoped, as recounted in second block quote and bolded.

Next bold passage about Sarver highlights how, in general, the top 1% of capitalists have grown accustomed to getting paid handsomely for failure and indeed only see paying for mistakes as the lot of the hoi polloi foreclosed upon after getting beguiled into fraudulent mortgages.

George Will: [The dispute, which has already caused cancellation of the preseason and the first two weeks of the regular season at a cost of perhaps $500 million, illustrates an agreeable truth: Man is an economic animal, rationally maximizing income, except when he isn’t. Many of the players are prepared to lose substantial income by prolonging negotiations over a new collective bargaining agreement.

They are doing so to win concessions that will primarily benefit players much younger than Garnett. Fans accuse the players of avarice, but the longer the impasse persists, and the larger the losses, the more altruism will explain this.

David Stern, NBA commissioner since 1984, says 22 of 30 teams lost money last year, and their cumulative $450 million losses exceeded the profits of the other eight.]

We, as written below, the downtrodden and crestfallen fans like those of us in Orlando who paid to build this basketball palace for billionaire dick, Dick DeVoss, fans who Der Sternfuhrer threatened with losing our franchise for failing to build Pyramid Scheme Arena and now stand ready to lose our franchise player's last season and the bloody All Star game--we deserve answers

For shame, David Stern.  For shame, forgetting every NBA wearing jersey youth in the world stand as investors in NBA!

At long last, Der Sternfuhrer, have you no shame?

[We deserve answers. When Robert Sarver sits across from a collection of players and says that he hasn't gotten the return he wanted on the Suns, and that's why he and his buddies are demanding massive concessions before he'll sign their paychecks, the fans left in the cold deserve answers. Those fans built U.S. Airways Center in the '90s and paid for its renovation just before Sarver took over. They ought to hear directly from Sarver's mouth why they are being deprived the product their investment in the arena guaranteed. Season ticket holders deserve the opportunity to ask Sarver why bringing the mid-level exception home to his wife in a designer handbag is more important than providing the product they have already paid for.

Sarver bought the Suns for a then-record $400 million in 2004. The market was about to peak, and Sarver -- a banker -- was rolling in dough. When the housing market and economy crashed, Sarver's investment didn't look so great. He bought high, and would be forced to pay for his mistake.

Except that he's refusing to pay for his mistake. He didn't pay for the mistakes his bank, Western Alliance, made: he took $140 million in taxpayer bailout funds in 2008. Now, a year after signing Hakim Warrick, Channing Frye and Josh Childress to a combined $15 million a year, a year after trading for Hedo Turkoglu's awful contract and months after being forced to flip that for more bad contracts, Sarver is refusing to pay for his mistakes. He wants the players to bear the burden. Sarver will certainly take the fans' money, just as his bank took its customers' money. But he's sure as Hades not going to take responsibility for what happened to it.

Sarver is dead weight. As Adrian Wojnarowski wrote on Tuesday, he brings no value to the NBA. None. People bitch about Eddy Curry, but Eddy Curry isn't holding the league hostage. You want to blame Eddy Curry for the lockout? Robert Sarver is Eddy Curry, a man who spoiled the trust of those who paid him and does absolutely nothing to improve the game. People joke about NBA players who buy Maybachs they don't need, jewelry instead of bonds. Let me tell you this: no player in NBA history has squandered as much money as Robert Sarver has just on the Suns since he bought in.]

Damn, just read and reread that last paragraph: poetry in prose and devastating logic.

Occupy Orlando should flash mob at the Pyramid Scheme Arena.

Give us OUR NBA!!!!

[Once again, Phoenix Suns owners Robert Sarver was the most vocal proponent of the owner’s case, and he befuddled players by insisting that his wife had asked him to bring back the middle level exception in a designer bag. He’s been a strong advocate for a hard salary cap, and a source said that Sarver told the players in the room that he hadn’t been able to get the return on buying the Suns that he had hoped.] emphasis added for no apparent reason except to heap more scorn on poor mouth baby whining banker, Sarver.

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